Celebrant Services

As part of our ongoing mission to serve families in the best way we know how, the funeral directors at Beers & Story Funeral Homes have all become Certified Celebrants through training seminars. They have been conducting such services since 2003.

The Celebrant Service is simply a way for families to personalize, customize and perhaps even participate in, the service for a loved one. Elements of the service may include a candle ceremony, personal words of remembrance, scripture and prayer, along with meaningful music.

Our directors often incorporate these elements into a service when a family has a personal connection to a church or house of worship and wish to secure their own clergy. At times when there is not a connection to a formal religion or clergyperson, the celebrant will conduct the service.

The directors at Beers & Story engage families in conversation relative to the deceased’s life so as to assist in and formulate a service that is appropriate and meaningful for the person who has died as well as for the family and friends who will attend the service.

The response to and satisfaction of families served has been overwhelmingly positive. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about Celebrant Services.