Our Cremation Code of Ethics & ID Process

The basic needs of families and the basic services provided by our funeral home are the same whether a family chooses burial or cremation. A Private Time to Say Good-bye is important to the grief process. We feel that should be honored whether a family chooses cremation, burial or entombment. Our standards of care include that:

  • The basic services of the funeral director and staff are extended to all families we are privileged to serve.
  • We take all possible steps to assure the proper identification of the individual being cremated ~ either an immediate or extended family member or friend can insure proper identification.
  • Stringent identification follows the individual being cremated through basic care and cremation services.
  • The integrity and respect of human dignity for both the decedent and the person making the identification is a vital part of our service; that the identification take place:
    1. After the person to be cremated is bathed, clothed, and made presentable, with the person to be cremated placed in the cremation container chosen by the family (when possible), maintaining the respect and dignity of the deceased, the safe handling by our staff, and to aid in the transportation to and placement into the cremation chamber.
  • That identification and a private time to say good-bye occur in the same setting used for families choosing burial or entombment.